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The most important piece in your marketing strategy

Building trust and credibility

It's undeniable that the best way to attract new customers is through your satisfied client base.
Word of mouth has proven to be the most powerful marketing tool as it taps into our
psychological bias where we trust the opinion of customers who have used a product or service.
To a potential customer, a testimonial is similar to a personal recommendation for a product or
service. The use of videos is increasingly becoming an important tool in any given marketing
funnel. Videos are entertaining, engaging and easy to digest. Combining client testimonials with
video creates a powerful marketing tool to create authentic and entertaining recommendations
from your existing clients.

Five reasons to add video testimonials to your marketing plan

1. Video testimonials build trust

A written testimonial provides a thought-out opinion of a product or service. Video allows your
customers to see and hear the reaction, which makes it more credible, engaging and authentic.
Video offers similar benefits as having a face to face meeting with a client rather than having a
meeting over a phone call. A video testimonial provides the same visual engagement.

2. Video has a higher retention rate

While a long written review may contain more information, statistics indicate that potential
clients do not finish reading these reviews. Videos provide an entirely different experience.
Viewers are more likely to watch a complete video and reportedly retain 95% of the message in
the video, compared to 10% when reading text.

3. Video is preferred

Video is the most popular form of content by most viewers. YouTube is the second most popular
search engine on the internet with over two billion users. A video engages viewers with a real
person to whom they can relate. And by using the art of storytelling, video is a powerful
marketing tool.

4. Videos get shared

Since videos are enjoyable to watch, consumers love sharing them. When video sharing
extends to user testimonials, your loyal customers naturally become brand ambassadors.

5. Video testimonials convert

Conversion is one of the most important parts of your marketing process. It's that magical
moment that turns your potential customers into paying customers. When a potential customer
is faced with a decision, they have to find a person they can trust. Customers are more likely to
trust one another than an advertisement designed to promote your brand, simply because it's a
person to whom they can relate. This relatability is only increased when your viewers see and
hear a story similar to their own.

For a an excellent example of an authentic and compelling video testimonial please click on the following link: Lorraine of District 32 Testimonial on Buffalo Film Studios



" Whether it's product showcases, innovative ideas, or stunning aerial views, Andrew and his team deliver excellence. Thank you, Andrew, for your exceptional contributions to our success.."

Lorraine Gravie, Founder, District 32.