Let’s talk about one of the core things that will determine your image quality. I always like to tell students, there are two main things that you have to worry about. If you can get those two things right, you can usually get a decent image out of the camera. There’s more than those two things you gotta worry about, but if you can just get at least. Your focus right, and your exposure right, more often than not, you’re going to be okay. But getting them right, isn’t necessarily, as easy it sounds. When it comes to exposure, if you’re only relying on your naked eyes, you’re going to be making a lot of mistakes, especially if you’re shooting out there, in the bright daylight.

So, fortunately, many video cameras and DSLRs today, have several different tools, that can help you judge exposure. Now, the reason exposure, is so important, is because if you end up. Overexposing things, even by just a little bit, it can end up looking really bad in video, and it can be very hard to correct in post production. And if we’re talking about things like, shooting on a white background, a white psych, a green screen, or, if you just want to do some serious colour correction, on a special effects in post production.

You’re going to have a much harder time doing that, with images that are over, or underexposed. So instead, we want to get it right, every time, so we have as much latitude as possible in post production, to push, pull, or manipulate our images, anyway we need to. So moving forward, I’m going to tell you guy’s about some tools, they’re going to help you get, great exposure, every time, in addition to just using your eyes.

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