Hiding mics in hair

So now another technique I want to show you for hiding a lav mic, and this technique actually doesn’t involve any moleskin, this technique is actually hiding it in the hair. So, Rose has been kind enough to volunteer for us here. And in order for this technique to work you’re going to need somebody that has at least shoulder length hair. So, it’s not going to work for everybody. Some hair is going to be better than others, but if we’ve got, nice thick little bit of hair to work with, I think you’re going to do okay. So, what you need to get this on is some bobby pins or hair clips. I prefer hair clips.

In this case, I have bobby pins. Just the hair clips are a little bit faster to work with. But in a pinch I’ve even had to use paperclips. So, it sometimes work out. But, if you get a product that’s meant to hold hair in place, I think you’re going to be best off. So, all we do is first put the clips on our actual microphone. So, there’s our clip and our mike. And I’m going to add another one on there. And then we’re going to go ahead and just slip that. And what we’re going to do is have our subject just lift up one layer of hair. And I’m going to get in there, and I’m going to go ahead and clip this right underneath, nice and secure.

The main thing I’m worried about is the mic coming loose, so I want to make sure that I have it secure enough so that she can move her hair around with no problem. So it might take more than one bobby pin, but I’m just going to show you. And then if we let the hair back down over that. I’ve got it little bit far forward, but I think that’ll work out fine right there. So this would just run down back inside of her clothing attached to the body pack that will be hidden elsewhere. But this technique right here will work out just fine. Now you might be wondering a couple of things. First off people wonder well, If the microphone is in the hair, you know, are we still going to get good audio, because it’s not down here in the chest where we have it for many of the other positions? You’re going to get audio just fine.

In fact, this is a common technique that’s used in theatre sometimes. Puppeteers use it sometimes. It’s called a head mic, so it’s not unusual at all because even though, there’s audio obviously down here, we’re getting audio that’s resonating from the head. So if you were to listen to my head right now you would hear everything I’m saying crystal clear, the same as if you were listening to my chest. So right here that mic is hidden. The other thing you might be concerned about is well is there going to be hair noise when she swings her head around? Well unless she’s really Head banger. The top part of her hair doesn’t move that much. Even when she’s walking and it’s flowing.

You’re usually not going to get any problem with that. And if you do, take a few more hair clips, or bobby pins. Hold that hair in place. So, that is the technique for hiding it in the hair.

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