Hiding mics in sheer tops

Now, the final technique I want to show you, is how to hide a lav mic on any body – particularly, we’re talking about females that are wearing a really tight top or a sheer dress. This is particularly tricky because, remember, the main thing we’re trying to do, is keep this microphone concealed and not get any clothing noise. So, if somebody’s wearing a low cut top, say, that’s what a character calls for. There’s not too many places I can get this microphone, and not worry about clothing noise or not have it be seen by the audience. So fortunately, on all females we have a natural valley, so that is the best place to hide the microphone simply because, we’re not going to get any clothing noise.

So, even though this is a sheer top, it’s actually easier to get away with hiding a microphone on this type of outfit on a female, than it would be on a male, simply because if a male has on a tight shirt I don’t have very many options to get this in. Fortunately on my mannequin, Mandy here I do. So what we’re going to do, for the comfort of my subjects I like to prepare the mount ahead of time. I didn’t do it this time around, just so I could show you guys how it’s done. So I’m going to take a piece of medical tape, I could also take another piece of mole skin and, I’ll hold that up for you guys in a second. I have to get them both peeled.

So this mole skin is going to go on top again to help us prevent clothing noise or if there is any rubbing, and I will prepare the mount like this this, little piece of mole skin on top. So notice the microphone sticking out right there. And then basically, I would hand this to my client, in the privacy she could go ahead and put it in place, it’s nothing that you know, anybody has to do other than me. But just so you guys can see, it’s going to go right here in the center And it’s down there. And we have a perfectly hidden lav mike right there, and I have very little danger. She could run, jump, move around, and we’re probably not going to get any clothing noise, certainly a lot lesser than what we would get on a male with a tighter shirt.

The one thing we still might have to worry about, even though the mike is perfectly hidden, if we have a sheer top like this. You can’t really tell here, but if the top were a little tighter. You might see the wire that’s coming through there. So what do we do with the wire? We simply take that, and we could tuck that into the bra, bring it around the back. Maybe they have to use a little extra piece of tape or something. But generally, you should be able to just tuck it right under, bring it around the back, and you won’t see that wire as well. So, it’s actually easier to get away with hiding these lav mics on females.

And, obviously when we’re talking about this type of technique it does get a little touchy feely and it’s something we want to be professional about but if you prepare them now ahead of time give it to their subject, give them simple instructions you shouldn’t have any problem getting this in place and it should work out to the comfort of everybody and professional actresses have done this.

Many times over so it’s not a big deal at all, and I hope that you found some of these techniques helpful. I’ve given you a bunch of different places that can hide the mic. So I’m sure at least one them will work for you on your shoot.


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