Our Services

Video Production

Buffalo Films provides video production services across a diverse range of industries including retail, mining and exploration, health and wellbeing, educational institutions, hospitality and tourism and many more. No matter the size or scope of the project, we have the drive, creativity and expertise to exceed your expectations.

Some of our video services include:-

  • promotional video production for website, social media, television, cinema and mass emailing campaigns;
  • training, induction and recruitment videos; plus
  • case study and documentary style corporate videos.

If your particular requirements aren’t listed here, pick up the phone and we will talk you through the options.

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Performing Arts

Let Buffalo Films capture the ethos and culture of your environment, by showcasing your curriculum, immortalising your concerts and theatrical events, documenting the sense of achievement at your graduation ceremonies or revealing the strength of your sporting prowess. All of this and more can be realized with the experienced production work provided by Buffalo Film Studios.

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Live Event Coverage

Let your seminars, graduation ceremonies and sporting events be vividly filmed by our multi camera production crew ensuring all essential angles are captured as they are orchestrated by our experienced vision switchers in real time. All of these events can be streamed live to a national or international audience to cater for your virtual team and affiliate partners.

Drone Services

Incorporating aerial video photography as part of your video presentation creates a dynamic and engaging aspect to any production. Whether you wish to utilise drone video to establish a scene, or simply capture aerial footage for inspection of facilities or project feasibility, our pilots have the experience, talent and expertise to capture aerial video and photography and craft it into footage that will make an impact!

Photography/Virtual tours

Our highly talented and experienced photographers specialise in product, portrait, event and virtual reality photography. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled photography experience which meets the specific needs of our diverse client group. With Buffalo Film Studios, our quality is consistently high, our delivery is as varied and interesting as your business.

Video Marketing Campaigns

When you’re ready to take your marketing campaign to the next level, it’s time to think video marketing…

The trend to include video in strategic marketing campaigns is paying dividends for smart businesses throughout WA. Why? because video is by far the most versatile and profitable medium to market your products and services. Video encourages visitors to spend more time on your site by holding their attention. This increases exposure to your products or services and starts to build trusted relationships between visitors to your website and your brand.

Search engines love video… well to be precise, Google loves video and that’s important. Why? because a well-made video, signals that your website has good content and as you know, good content ranks highly. Since Google acquired YouTube, the value of video and how it influences your search engine ranking has grown exponentially.

In this ever-changing, fast paced world, it’s harder than ever to keep customers engaged which is where video comes into its own. Why? because video content is more likely to attract visitors, fire up emotions and prompt them to take action. Once connected, it’s far easier to convert an enquiry into a sale.

The most successful video marketing campaigns include multiple videos. Why? firstly, they refresh your web content which engages search engine algorithms. Secondly, they showcase or promote new or different aspects of your business. Finally, a well scripted video allows you to communicate directly with the viewer, one to one.

Whether you want a flag ship video which provides an in-depth review of your business, or a suite of shorter more targeted videos which can be used across multiple platforms throughout the year, talk to the expert team at Buffalo Film Studios. Why? because they have the skills to produce top quality videos at affordable rates, and they can show you how to increase your outreach, and maximise your return on investment by using video as part of your strategic marketing campaign.