Footprintz Dance Academy

Footprintz Dance Academy (FDA) is a Christian based performing arts school that was established by principal Jen Powell in 2002.The Dance Academy aims to offer children of all ages the opportunity to dance in a fun and positive learning environment.

FDA provides programs that aim to develop skills of coordination, musical appreciation movement, fitness, creativity and imagination!

FDA is a dancing school that builds a fun community for all its students and their families. It offers not only dance classes but a place where lasting friendships are built, both for students and their parents.

Jen Powell and her team believe in protecting the innocence of the child and the integrity of each performer. Care is taken in choosing age appropriate songs, choreography and costuming.


Our relationship with Footprinz Dance Academy

Buffalo films has been providing video coverage services for the past 6 years and has seen the dance academy blossom into a successful school under Jen Powell’s leadership. Concerts covered for FDA to date:

  • 2015 Bedtime Stories
  • 2014 Welcome to the Circus
  • 2013 Angelina Ballerina
  • 2012 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
  • 2011 Footprintz 10 year Anniversary
  • 2010 From Once Upon a Time to Happily ever After